The Super Bowl, Sales, and You

Super Bowl LI was played about a week ago.  It was one of the most  interesting Super Bowls ever.  The largest deficit in a Super Bowl was  overcome.  The Patriots now sit atop the NFL for the most Super Bowls  ever won.  Brady and Belichick hold records for post-season games and  wins, and so on.  As I hear people talk about how the Patriots came back  to win the Super Bowl from an enormous deficit and how Brady did so  through raw determination, I can’t help but ask, “Is that what really  happened?”  Did the Patriots win the game, or did the Falcons lose the  game.  I believe the latter.  I believe the Falcons have gone so long  without much post-season play and, this being only their second trip to  the Super Bowl in their history, that their self-worth, self-ego, and  their feeling of being not-deserving lost them the game.  If you watched  the pregame hoopla that started as soon as the Super Bowl teams were  decided, the Falcons were, by far, considered to be the underdogs.  Most  sports experts saw the Patriots being a dominating force for the  Falcons to reckon with.  It was almost a forgone conclusion that the  Patriots would win.  All of this had a psychological affect on every  level of the Falcons organization.  It added its voice to the already  burdensome feeling of “How the heck did we get here?” on the part of the  Falcons organization.  When the Falcons found themselves up 28 – 9 at  the beginning of the 4th quarter, from a self-worth/self-ego standpoint,  I believe the Falcons found it unbelievable and inconceivable that they  could win the Super Bowl, especially by that much.  Then the  self-sabotage started.  The ridicules mistakes bringing penalties that  brought new life into dying drives by the Patriots.  Slowly and surely  the Falcons brought the score closer to what they believed and conceived  was possible and probable.  But, it didn’t stop.  The mistakes and  penalties kept coming to the Falcons all the while breathing confidence  and motivation into the Patriots.  The Patriots couldn’t have won  without the help from the Falcons.

If you’re in sales, or have ever been in sales, then you recognize a  familiar theme in the Super Bowl.  If you watch a low or mediocre  performer have a good, even great month, you see them crash and burn  either the following month, or sometime very soon thereafter.  If it  were a bet being placed in Vegas, it would be considered a sure bet.   Most people who are consistently low or mediocre performers have one  very important thing in common, their psychology, or their understanding  of themselves.  Most have low self-worth, low self-ego, and a feeling  that they aren’t deserving.  And, similar to the Falcons loss, here’s  how you see it play out in the world of business:

Janice is an average salesperson.  Her sales each month are  predictable and consistent.  Then, Janice has a great month!  She  doubles her sales in one month and basks in all the kudos and  back-slapping it brings.  However, Janice has used up all her prospects  in her pipeline for that one good month. Penalty.  She also takes some  time for herself due to the extra cash she has available.  Penalty.  She  might even buy a new car, new electronic devices, etc. to celebrate her  success.  Penalty.  The following month is well below what she usually  sells.  The kudos and back-slapping turn into glares that send the  message that she better work harder and longer hours and even threats of  termination.  How did such a change occur?  Janice’ self-worth,  self-ego, and feeling of deserving were out of balance with who she sees  herself as being.  She exhibited all of the beliefs, thoughts, and  behaviors of a low-performer and sabotaged herself in order to bring her  back to where her belief system supports who she is.  This wasn’t a  plan on Janice’ part.  It’s all done unconsciously, within her belief  system.

What about you?  Have you ever felt the effects of self-sabotage?   I’ve had many people tell me that they just can’t figure out how they  can do things just like someone else and the other person creates  success, whereas they fail.  They tell me how they had this fantastic  month and the rest of the year was full of failures.  These are the kind  of people I love to help become consistent and sustainable top  performers.  By removing the Mental Malware that potentiates low  self-worth, low self-ego, and the feeling of being not deserving, a new  program of greater and greater success can be installed.  Over and over  again, I’ve helped people have the mindset like that of Tom Brady that  sees and pursues opportunity until they reach victory!  If you’re ready  to remove the limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors from your life,  then contact me so we can get started today!

Change you thoughts. Change your life…quickly!

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