Super Bunny Laser Spikes - Patrons alpha 0.2.5 Changelog
Another week full of new stuff and improvements to the game, as you can see on the changelog below.

We also finally released the game on Brightlocker so go check it out.

This next week we will finally tackle the level design (prepare for more dreadful sections xD) and continue to finish and improve the game overall, so stay tuned and give us feedback!

The update is already available on Android and should be available on iOS in a few hours, we will let you know when on our Discord Server.

Finally we would like to thank all our patrons and alpha testers for all the suggestions and feedback! 

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0.2.5 Changelog

[New] Store economy, changed all prices of all products
[New] Daily reward
[Improvement] No gravity power-up: unlocking new levels now decrease overall acceleration instead of increasing the velocity
[Improvement] Rotten carrots and care packages are now more common
[Improvement] Ice power-up time no longer starts if player doesn't move
[Improvement] Hawks now disappear if player catches a ride or dies
[Improvement] Power-up item no longer disappears after player death
[Improvement] Disabling enemies after some consumables and rides, to avoid instant death traps
[Improvement] New skin icons
[Improvement] Tweaked rewards probabilities
[Fixed] Leap related missions that we not restarting after clicking on retry
[Fixed] Reward related issue that didn't add to the carrot balance
[Fixed] Ice power-up no longer freezes lasers
[Fixed] Quitting with a power-up no longer enables it on the start of a new run
[Fixed] Rotten carrots now work as expected (no longer resets current balance to 0)
[Fixed] High score bar no longer replaces itself after respawn
[Fixed] Consumable counters in the store now update as expected