Super Bunny Laser Spikes - Alpha 0.3.0 Changelog
Hi guys!

This last week was a busy one. We added two new power-ups to the game and a bunch of new content!

We would like to thank once again the little community that was created with this tiny mobile game, the awesome feedback and suggestions that we are receiving from both our Patreon and Brightlocker backers are really shaping up the game! So keep it coming!

You can download it right now on Android on iOS we are still awaiting certification (6-12h tops)!

We will let you know when it's available on our Discord Server

Don't forget to follow the game on the Twitter and Facebook.

0.3.0 Changelog:

[New] Air Hop Power-Up
[New] Mega Bunny Power-Up
[New] Skin descriptions and names
[New] More 20 level sections
[Improvement] Added camera shake effect on enemy hit
[Improvement] Hawks now deactivate even if already on the screen
[Improvement] Changed some names and descriptions of the Power-Ups
[Improvement] Minor tweaks on the Super Wings Power-Up (former No Gravity)
[Improvement] Overall RNG system for both rides and level sections
[Fixed] Store item issue that prevented you to select the previously selected item after a run
[Fixed] Attract Carrot Power-Up
[Fixed] Skunk deactivating mid screen