SUPER CHUFFED (Thank you, new Patrons)
Morning all!

Just wanted to give a big public shout-out to the people who have joined this campaign so far in March. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE FOLLOWING SUPPORTERS YOU ARE ACE FOR BEING HERE AND FOR YOUR GIVING

Mariota Dunning

Katy Barnard

Peter Tatham

Jerry Andrews

Kirsty McHugh

Together, you have pushed me over the $300/month mark - a figure I never imagined would happen. I am SUPER CHUFFED. Please keep spreading the's all about word-of-mouth right now, for me!

New patrons - check out my previous posts with links to the patron-only downloads and my current playlist as I begin to absorb influences for making the new record.

Thanks for reading, whoever you are. And if you are thinking of becoming a supporter of me and my music, please check out the rewards to the right of this post. You can give for $1 a month and stop your donation any time (and it really will make all the difference to me as an independent artist!)

Have a lovely friday, everyone.

Beccy x