Super Fantasy Fighters (Lemming Fighters)

Short Story:

Back in 1992, I went out with some college buddies  on an Arcade for a few games(Like in a movie plot). Soon as we got  there, we started to play Street Fighter II(updated). My interest in  making a SFII of my own grew, later got me AMOS Creator 1.13(I think)  and started studying AMAL. Printed on paper the Manual and that was a  lot!! Compiled all pages into a binder. Most of the inspiration I got is  from SFII and Lemmings. Thus, Super Fantasy Fighter(Lemming Fighter)  Concept was born! So all I need is study the methods of control and game  play.

Project  Started: After a few months, I decided to present this project as a  thesis at AMA College. At first, Lemming Fighters was my initial title,  later changed it to Super Fantasy Fighters and changed their hair color  from green to Brown.

The Machine:  I started on my A500+ with  external floppy drive, then later in 1997 my first Amiga1200. By that  time I already upgraded Amos to AmosPro and my project is at the versio  5.25b when I'm still working on the menu and other screens. Later I've  obtain an 80MB Hard Drive(That's right pretty big back in the days). So  I've transferred all of my current work from floppies to Hard disk and  continue to improve with IFF movie intro and improved menu for the  thesis. I've also made a Scala Presentation Slide about it and a Floppy  Version(A cut down version of my Hard Disk one). A month later,  I've  presented my project to the college panel and they were impressed. No,  it BLEW them away! I'm the ONLY person who is not using a PC(Windows 95)  back then when Windows is the thing available to collages. I was  unique, I was different. Eventually, I made it through with flying  colors!!

Tragedy: A month passed and my HDD is showing strange  signs I didn't understand that time, like Validation and track error. I  got scared because much of my work was in it. I manage to buy boxes of  blank disk and used QBT(Quarter Back tools) to do the backup.  Unfortunately I was only able to salvage 30% of my Hard Drive Content,  unfortunately it did not included my SFF Hard Drive version. Only the  floppy Edition is left of it. The source code of the floppy Edition is  also destroyed. R.I.P (80Mb Hard Drive 1997~1998) That fateful day I  turn on my A1200, I don't hear her voice anymore! My heart feel as  floopy clicked on and the Splash screen of Kickstart 3.0 appears on my  monitor.

Preset: I've moved on with the first project I made, so  I'm giving this away free on this site! Also, enjoy a video I made for  it and dadicate to all the Amigans who never stops believing and  dreaming! Enjoy. The version which is almost close to the Floppy version  is Version 5.27. I've gotten rusty on my AMAL and AMOS skills at the  moment so If I decided to work on this project again I will post it on  this Page. If anyone is interested in picking up and continue where I  left off, please contact me on FB.

=========DOWNLOAD SECTION========

ADF of my game => Super Fantasy Fighters

ZIP of the source => Last Version of my Source

Amiga ROMS = > Get it for the Emulators

Note:  All of it requires AMOSPro v1.12(stock) and a narrator.device for the  program to properly run. You can extract that from my Floppy Version on  Disk 1 under :devs/ folder. In addition, The AMOSforWindows.rar is available for download to play it on the PC, if you don't have the actual hardware.

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