SUPER IMPORTANT: Some of you have earned rewards!
Remember my "threshold rewards" thingy on my patreon page?

We've got a few folks who have sent me enough money to pass those thresholds! Everytime you pass $50 in lifetime, you get to choose between the "2 Hours Of Pain" reward, or the "1 Hour Of Something Else" reward. This happens for every multiple of $50, so if you've sent me, say, $200, you get to use one of the two rewards four times, and you can mix and match as well.

Here are the patrons who have passed the threshold:

Izaak: $240, meaning he can make four requests

DannyLight: $72. He can make one request, which he's decided will be a Q&A

CrabPeople92: $141.68, he can make two requests, and will be earning his third request next month, most likely.

Here are the patrons nearing their first threshold:

Jasonfails: $26.50. If I make ten charges total this month, you will be able to make a request by the start of next month.

Aurawolf: $40. You'll be no doubt reaching your threshold very soon. Please don't make your request "bring shame to markyjoe in smash" ;-;

DannyLight: $22. This is after I've deducted $50 for the Q&A request. You're actually at $72 lifetime

Avraxas: $44. You're only sending $1 per charge, which makes this amount extra impressive! You're only six dollars away from a request.

If you aren't on this list, and are unsure where you are on the lifetime thresholds, please reply so I can tell you where you're at.

Possible Request Suggestion (In case you're struggling for ideas)

If you want me to go back and play FE5 some more, you can use this reward. I don't have any plans of finishing FE5 at the moment, but perhaps a push is all I need?


I am very happy with all the support I've gotten from you guys. Without your help, finding time to make videos would have been pretty difficult, but I can safely say my channel is perhaps more active than ever. If you aren't in the know, my next FE hack review is going to be Bloodlines by GhastStation. He has requested that the videos of the hack be done in the same style as Fire Emblem 3: Mystery of the Emblem, so if you enjoyed that playthrough, you'll probably also like this one!

Don't forget to check out the playthrough queue!

And lastly, Please do not forget to give me your requests. I take it very seriously that I make sure you are all satisfied patrons. Also don't do drugs.