Super Lovers Episode 4
Turns out the new host is actually Haru's cousin (maybe - it's hard to know exactly with the adoptions and half-relations in this story) and for some reason he just felt like picking Ren up. Mabye there's a deeper motivation but if there was it isn't revealed here. 

What is revealed is that he has recently broken up with his girlfriend who has redecorated his apartment for him. So, before leaving Ren cleans it up. Such a smooth segue from cleaning an apartment for a part-time job to cleaning this apartment (not).

Anyway, Haru is all possessive and we end up with a serious wedge being driven between Ren and Haru and Ren ends up in tears which is more or less where you would expect that all the misunderstandings this episode would lead to. 

While this was more interesting than last week, I would still rather they tell us the story about the trashed apartment with the dead dog because while this episode was more interesting than the last one, it wasn't exactly riveting.