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Super Mario Sunshine - Part 38 : Sirena Beach - Blue Coins
Guests: Chompie and CutManMike

Just some spoilers for you... my posting this means I have the commentary recorded for this and the next three episodes, so Sunshine will continue for a bit! That said, I still need to get the FINAL episode's commentary recorded, so hopefully that one will go a bit more successfully.

Now then... onto Sirena Beach... This world sports having the most sub areas out of any world in the game... as a result, there are a lot of episode specific blue coins to be bothered with, so that is always... fun. The big thing with Sirena Beach is... there is not a whole lot to it, world wise. You explore the vast majority of the interior during other episodes as well, so there really is nowhere good to hide the blue coins. Not surprisingly, this results in a lot of stupid blue coins that are just spraying something.

Good luck!

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