Super Mario Custom Van!
It's time to rock a CGR Mark3 review featuring the Super Mario Bros. Dairy Delivery Truck (aka CUSTOM VAN) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.!

Many years ago I remember hanging out with my friend down the street who had an NES. I was an Atari 7800 man (still am). We played Super Mario Bros. and I was floored by the colors, design and side scrolling gameplay. To this day, whenever I see Super Mario Bros. I remember that experience.

To this day when I see a Custom Van I think of dragons, wizards and fire. YES. This combines those two things.

Pardon some of the audio, I filmed this about a week ago and was breaking in my new recording setup with mixed results. Now I have a better mic setup, but this one is a bit raw. Super Mario doesn't care though, because he's rocking the van.

Enjoy the review! Thank you,