Super Patient Patrons are Super Patient
I've been scrambling around on commissions lately, and haven't made time to post what I've been working on. I have a TON of stuff to show y'all, but if I try to get everything ready to be shown in one post, I'll never get it done. So to that end, here are some images from the commission I've been working on:

Above: The splash page for the chapter where Peter has to decide which of the two paths he should take: the scary path or the nice path.  To the right is the chapter splash page for a creepy forest. I've started sketching it out, but haven't worked on inks yet.

Below: The queen snake and a crowd of "baby" snakes. When I drew the baby snakes, I drew them in a mandala-type pattern so that I could then use them in another page (if we decide to use more art in other parts of the kids' book.)

Below: A close up of Peter as he balances his wheelchair on the edge of a cliff. Also a study of Jay-jay, the keermat that is there to help him. I'm still not super pleased with the design on him looks, and I need/want to do some more design work on him.

Below Left: Peter at the edge of a cliff, from a distance further away.

Below Right: A sticky cloud-thing from the book.

Below: The drawbridge and gate that leads into the magical world of Telladoo.

Below Left: Peter at the Mall with his sister and her friends. There's more background to this, but I apparently didn't screen-shot that image. Because I'm just awesome, I guess.

Below Right: The funhouse that leads to Telladoo. I *thought* I had more background work done on this too, but I might be imagining it.

That's it for now. This past week I've been painting a LOT.  I have to turn in an oil painting tomorrow for Jon Sanchez's "Kubrick vs. Tarantino" art show. I'm almost finished with my Dr Strangelove piece, and I'll post images soon(er rather than later, I hope!)