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Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
You have my support!
$2 or more per month 79 patrons

Get updates on draft and teasers of animations, exclusive gif previews or work in progress frames, mostly how I usually update the progress of my animation on twitter but now exclusively on Patreon.

Also you will be credited in any of my feature animations.

(loyalty program, if your continued support reach to $50 you are able to request a drawing/animated gif from me)

BETA watchers Tier (The I want to be spoiled before the animations done)
$10 or more per month 40 patrons

You will get to beta watch unlisted videos of animations which are still work in progress.
(Spoilers obviously) and you will be shown updates of the animation progress from time to time. Also, you may be the first to assist in fixing my grammar and spelling typos if you're keen-eyed on it!
The Beta watcher tier group may also be given access to bonus information on any future animation projects that I have in the works or pipeline down the road.

(This includes the previous tier)
(loyalty program, if your continued support reach to $50 you are able to request a drawing/animated gif from me)
Get a commission from NCH tier.
$50 or more per month 9 of 10 patrons

You get to pester me/request artwork or simple animations*
So, you may request a drawing or a simple animation loop(gif) from me of anything you want.
Basically, its a artwork commission tier and each individual will be limited to one request per month.

*Simple fun drawing stuff, not of production quality

(Can be NSFW/porn if you dare request, I'm open to anything).
(Pledgers have the right to keep request private.)

(If you're looking at more detailed drawings or animation, you may have to continue the pledge for the allocated amount of months base on my personal review of the request)

(This includes the previous tier but not the loyalty programme offered in the previous tiers)

Basically, buy my source files tier.
$100 or more per month 4 of 5 patrons

Get to own one of NCH's animation source file for a totally low price!

If you desire, you'll get to pick one animation from my Channel's listing* and I will provide you with the source file of it, limited to one source file per month per individual.
Fla files are from Macromedia Flash8**, so they are compatible with Adobe Flash onwards.
(Files will only be given when the patron's payment has cleared for that month)

*Strictly only animations on my Youtube channel.
(This includes the previous Tiers)
(This is not part of the loyalty programme, so even if ur total pledge is $100, you won't be able to get the file, you have to pledge a $100 for this tier)

**As of 2018 onwards, all animation source files of animations done in 2018 and beyond will be in Animate CC.

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