"IT'S OVER 9000!!!"

This is a preview pic to the April 30th Package I'll be giving out. This one will be in the 1$ per month tier package along with many others in high resolution, along with the line art.

Inspired by Akira Toriyama's Dragonball Z, Super Sonic was epic! I'm a hardcore Sonic 2 fan, and when you would jump in the air, and hear that change in music, along with seeing Sonic go "super sayin" it really got the heart pumping!

So I really wanted to draw something with that sort of intensity. Plus I thought it would be cool to imagine the inside of a Robotnik robot analyzer (that conveniently looks just like a DBZ scouter) using the over 9000 gag and breaking under that power level stress. 

I also wanted Sonic to have that fierce intensity you got from a super sayin from DBZ. It's been a little while I've had this idea in my head, and it was super fun to finally get it illustrated.

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