Supernatural: Of Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Friends

I'm enjoying the theme-work as Supernatural ties up for the season. Family and paternity are always issues with this show, but right now we've got The Boys trying to come to terms with their Mommy issues for a change, while Lucifer, Crowley, and Castiel are coping with longing to be fathers...with only one living son left in play.

I will admit, I'm a sucker for Castiel and Crowley--Crowley most of all, but...yeah. Both the angel and the demon.

Lucifer repels me, and not in a particularly dramatically good way. I liked Castiel summing Lucifer up this last episode as just rattling along being evil for no real reason--an empty, played out program with no stop built in to end the tape. I've aways felt that way about him, though: evil, by its nature, denies "meaning." It's about ripping meaning apart. They have always written a plausibly horrible, revolting Lucifer--and because he's convincing as ultimate evil, he's not very interesting. But having his son in play--that is reasonably interesting.

It's more interesting, though, when flanked by Crowley, who's unable to fully cope with his own mourning for his son, and Castiel, who's never come to terms with his affinity for fatherhood. Now we have Crowley acting out his anguish on Lucifer, Lucifer plotting his future based on his nephilim son, and Castiel walking into what could be one more cheat...or not.

I like Cass with yellow eyes. I would like to see him officially moved up the ranks of the angels. I would also like to see him be given what he needs for a change: sometimes you can play keep-away too long.

Which does bring me to poor Crowley...

He's got the worst mother in the world. He's got a thing for Dean, who will ALWAYS treat him like sloppy seconds and least-favored-brother. He's had his own son, whom he loved fiercely and shyly and awkwardly killed by Dean and Sam and Cass, who failed to really take his grief seriously at all. And he's got one person who might be a real friend--Sam. And given Sam and Crowley, both men can be trusted to never for a second admit that there is something there that could approach what's between Dean and Cass.

Someday we really do need the dramatic pay-off of Sam being willing to die to save Crowley's soul...and Sam being the one to know first hand that Crowley truly wants to be loved. That's this amazing seed of story-telling that has sat in the dark waiting to spring up...and it keeps being ignored.

Grumble. It's time, people. I know--I know. Next season is the first they could do it properly. help's time. Just like it's time to give Cass a family to father. You can only tell the sons' tales so long. Eventually you have to tell the stories of the grown men the sons become.