Superpowers v2 + 3D Warriors asset pack!

Hi lovely patrons and friendly community members!

Superpowers v2

We've just released Superpowers v2.0! It's an incremental one with many small improvements over v1. We've decided to do version numbering like Chrome, Firefox or Three.js, so don't be weirded out if the numbers grow fast ^_^.

Here are the release notes for the various packages with all the details about what's new:

New asset pack: 3D Warriors

Pixel-boy has crafted a new asset pack called 3D Warriors. It features a bunch of figurine character parts (heads, bodies, legs and arms / weapons) which could be used to build tabletop games for instance. You can download it at


Community highlights

Here are various links to cool things the community has posted on Twitter:

Much love! ♥♥♥

Bilou, Pixel-boy and Elisée