A True Independent Artist Showcase

LANDMINES: Underground Artists Ready 2 Xplode is the first of many events coming from KUUNTAAR MUSIC/ANX Records designed to be the truest and best of original artist showcases to start in Atlanta and featuring our primary artist NXICON. All LANDMINES events will take place at the iLounge on Glenwood Road in Decatur, Ga.

Instead of focusing on many artists with limited performance times, LANDMINES will focus on 3-4 artists with a larger performance allowing them to truly connect with the audience and for the audience to connect with them. Each artist will submit a registration fee to secure their slot and will have to sell tickets in order to hold their spot.

They will sign a Performance Agreement stipulating arrival time and soundcheck that will be adhered to. Any artist that violates the agreement forfeits not only their slot but also their registration. Back-up artists will be on standby within a moment's notice to substitute for that time slot even if it's NXICON. LANDMINES will also spoken word between sets and introductions of sponsors and special events pertaining to sponsor, artists and even the audience if viable.  

Any contributor to this event will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship, will be listed as a sponsor and any high end sponsor will be listed as co-executive producer of the event and will have their name and/or business included in all media aspects of promotion for the event.

Any promotional material of any of the artists will be autographed and forwarded to sponsors as a token of gratitude for supporting independent artists.

The funds generated for this will cover venue reservations, promotions and perks for the artists involved. So you're not only sponsoring the LANDMINES project, you're also sponsoring independent artists, their music and their goal to achieve in the entertainment industry that they love.

I'm looking for small independent businesses for sponsorship at this time and as the event increases in popularity, this will expand to corporate entities for sponsorship at a later time.