Support us and get a chance to win an indieGO!
I have updated the patron deal : )
You don't get just Amicloud and access to Aeros but also and exclusive way to get an indieGO! Kickstarter edition.
UPDATE: 18th of March 2017
1.) If you own an indieGO! console and support us with 1€/month, you get an extended warranty on all parts.

2.) As soon we reach a collected sum of 300€ I will choose randomly one of the existing patrons (which donated at least once = payment has to be completed) who will get a indieGO! XU4 pure system including 1x Joypad and USB-Hub.*

3.) The price of an indieGO console for non-patrons of the project (an so non VIP's on is 80€ higher.

* Currently we are at 75€. In April it will be 150€ if no one more applies as Patron.
The first winner of an indieGO! will be announced at 31th of March. So far the winning chance is 1:5 .. not bad :)