We invite you to support the work of our monastery. We would like to offer weekly broadcasts on whatever subjects our Patrons wish. In addition, the Monastery has a wide charitable outreach that includes a homeless ministry, mentoring of narcotics rehab individuals and supporting the ourreach to low income seniors. Your support is critical to us in all these efforts. Patrons who support us through Patreon are invited to request broadcasts on subject of interest to them, and also receive discounts on orders of books from Synaxis Press.
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Credit toward any of our books. Patrons at this level should e-mail us with their choice of books. The amount donated will be discounted from the price of the books. Booklist is found at
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Your name listed in the "gratitudes" page of my next book.
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I will make a broadcast on any reasonable subject you chose, so long as I have competence in the field.  Up to 4 broadcasts a month, selected in order of the dates donations begin.
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