Suprise Project : A Visual novel
Around five  years ago i tried to create a VN using Crenpy, however  back then i barely has any skill and tech to do proper VN.  It was interesting work, but must be buried deep because it has no prospect, and no patreon or kickstarter for funding.

After finding out about TyranoBuilder during steam sales, my will to try VN rose up again! The tool is very easy to use, it's good for begginners like me! In just two days i could create a short draft.

For next few weeks i am gonna deepen the VN skill using the alpha draft that i create. (download below)s 

The VN draft is still sketch and BG is stolen stuff, but once i got the system right its just matter of  redrawing.

If anyone has trouble playing the draft, please tell me!

Feel free to give suggestion!