Surface Exhibition!
Gosh, so I've been a bit quiet on Patreon this month, because I've just been so damn busy everywhere else haha! We're getting up to the major assessment end of semester, so it's just been crazy. Current biggest source of craziness is the Surface exhibition at Gaffa gallery. This is the one where my Mood Cards project is gonna be on show!

So I've been working on all the finishing touches, and it's just taking a lot of time. There's always one more thing that needs doing - preparing the felt backing, adding velcro and signed labels to each card, running the Facebook and event pages... My teacher has also decided I should sell the cards individually, so I'm now working on those details. I'm actually going to sell them as pairs though, matching the visual cards I've already shown you with their text versions, the creation of which was also her recommendation (shown in random order):

Unfortunately I don't think there's any way for me to reserve cards if any of you want some. But I doubt they'll all go anyway, so I'll be sure to give you the next best chance when I bring them back home in around two weeks. Til then, the best way to get them will be to actually go to the gallery, if you happen to be in Sydney.

Opening Night: 6pm – 8pm Thursday October 26, 2017

Gallery Hours
Mon-Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat: 11am – 5pm
Sun, holidays: closed

Gaffa is located at 281 Clarence St, Sydney, right near Town Hall.

The exhibition runs from October 26 – November 6.

And here's my catalogue entry!

As for everything else that's been going on, I'll talk about it all some more once the exhibition is installed and I can relax a bit! But in the meantime, a summary:

  • Presented that sound art project, will be giving you a short blog for that one, and I'll probably also do a separate post. Blog is short because I don't think the teacher for that class even reads it, so it's the lowest priority lol. Still, it'll give you some insight into my process.
  • Working on some new jewellery! Keeping the post-apocalyptic idea, but combining it with themes from my new music project and a fusion between religion and psychology type ideas.
  • Working on a proper project with my zombie toys, which you may have seen on my Instagram. Not 100% sure where it's going yet, but the dogs are extremely pleased with the number of soft toys I've been bringing home from the thrift store!
  • I've been doing etching this semester! Looking forward to showing you what I've made, but we don't get it all back until end of semester, so I haven't been able to yet. But in just under 3 weeks, I should have it all back, and can tell you all about it. We're also getting some work from all the other artists, so I'll probably do a video flip-through of our collective efforts on my YouTube.
  • Planning my Japan trip! Trying to come up with an art project to do while I'm there. Has to be something easily portable though. May do something like my mood cards project but with postcards from wherever I visit maybe. Not sure yet. Tbh the reasons I'm going are more about having a reason not to suicide and to hang in there this year, as well as learning the language since I'm visiting family without mum to translate this time. But if I can get some art in there, I think that'll be a good thing to do!
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