Surprise, surprise
Many of you asked if I'd be doing CDs for Majesty, and the answer was always a definitive no. It's too expensive, there's not enough demand, and I don't have room in my garage to store them.

But when Patreon invited me to join their Special Offers pilot program a couple weeks ago, the most compelling idea I could come up with was… a CD!

And so, as a thank you to all of my first-year patrons, and to encourage you to join me in the creation of the next album:

All patrons pledging $3 or more on 9/30 will receive my new album on Compact Disc

I have no idea how this will be received, but I'm excited to find out!

What makes this offer so special?

1. It's your only chance to get the album on CD
2. This is a one-time offer exclusively through Patreon
3. I'll cover shipping to anywhere in the world

If you've been thinking about joining me on Patreon, now's the time!

To be clear, this is just the disc in a paper sleeve, which makes it possible to ship at a reasonable cost. Last I checked it was $14 to ship a Digipak to the UK, not to mention all the customs headaches!

With your support, it’s quite possible that I could be releasing album #11 this time next year.

Learn more and become and patron here.

Thanks for all you do,