I could hear the ticking noise from bed, as I struggled to wake up.  At first I thought it was in my head--"tinnitus" or whatever it's called.  But the ticking seemed to be getting louder and faster and I could have sworn that I heard a knock on the door as well.

I begrudgingly crawled out of bed and opened the door to my room.  Nobody was there but when I looked down, I saw a white box with a red bow on it.  The ticking was obviously coming from inside the box.

This is some stupid joke, I thought.  Living with fourteen people doesn't come without it's share of silly surprises.  I was still afraid to open the box, though.  What if it was set to explode if I opened it?  What if it would explode if I didn't?

I hesitated for about fifteen more ticks before picking up the box.  I put it closer to my ear and the ticking seemed to travel through my entire body.  Unsure what to do with the box, I carried it outside to the stoop and left it there.  I went to my computer to email my roommates. For sure, one of them knew what this was all about.

Subject: Weird gift box with ticking noise?


Hey guys, 

Not sure who left the weird box with the ticking noise outside of my bedroom door but it's on the stoop if you're-----

Before I could finish typing the sentence, I heard a loud bang.  Oh shit!  It really was an explosive!

I ran to the stoop to find the box in pieces and the rocking chair on the stoop on fire.  Inside of the box, I could see the remnants of what appeared to be an alarm clock.

There was also a piece of paper with writing next to the clock, but the words had melted together and I couldn't make them out.

Whatever the note said, it was for somebody that wasn't meant to be alive right now.