Surprise and Delight.
When I planned this trip originally to drive around Route 66, one of my objectives to become more trusting if myself and of God, the Divine, the Universe, the Infinite Intelligence; it all means the same to me. As the time was getting nearer to take off, it seemed like none of my plans were going accordingly. I was getting nervous and somewhat anxious and worried. Then I reminded myself, it is all about learning to trust. So about three weeks ago I said, "Okay, God, give me some validation that you're looking out for me. Something that will surprise me and leave no doubt that it is the validation from you." The last three weeks have been a series of delightful surprises between the connections made and financial support popping up out of nowhere. The latest one is the gift of the fitbit flex that I received from the members of my walking group yesterday and a generous amount of Bon Voyage cash today. I have decided to call this project "The Surprise and Delight Trip." I am ready to go. I leave Houston this evening for Chicago, and I'll start walking on Wednesday.
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