Surprise End of the month update!

 Hi all!,

Surprise an update to talk about everything changing with the channel, Patreon, Streams and all that jazz!

First of all im going to be officially retiring The Indie Files after this month. I still have some videos to put up but after that a new format will take place!

The Indie Files Cases or The Indie Cases. I already released the first test video which you can see here-  The first episode! I plan to add artwork at the begining and inbetween each of the segments. I want to also host different artists artwork for every few eps to liven it up. This will be a more noir style video series so if anyone has ideas for the art let me know!

New series!- That's right! A new series is coming! On Monday a new series called "It Came from a Demo!" will be releasing. Like the new Indie Cases I plan to get art made for it in the style of the old 1950s B-Movie scifis. If anyone has ideas for demos they want me to try or for the thumbnail of it let me know!

Sinfully Fun Games- Sinfully fun games will also get a revamp next month! Now each episode will feature 3-4 games just like the two other series. No new art planned for this one but hey longer videos!

Other games!- I am planning to power through The Letter and I am trying to figure out a new mature game to play (request request request!). Officially Spider-man,Vampyr,And Fist of the north star will also b the last of the livestreaming games to appear on the main channel!

Changes to Sinfully Fun Games?- Yes Sinfully Fun Games will get rebranded as "Purity Sin's Livestreams". Just because its easier on everyone.

Livestream plans?- I plan to do a livestream soon of short stories just for fun. More details will come soon on that.

Art request stuff?- As always its open till the 10th and this time open to everyone so go request!

Comic book- Still trying to hit that goal!

Lil Chaos?- We are going to shoot for a comic strip a month which will be a variety of things.

If I forgot anything let me going to go nurse my broken toe. Also with the new formats you may see a few less videos at the start while I figure things out but fear not series will continue for you guys!.

Art at the top done by the amazing ScotchBunny!

*Update* use the comment section of this to request games, stories (especially horror) and others. Also you the discords request areas.