Surprise for Backers!! Woot!
So remember when I mentioned a possible goodie on the horizon? Whelp, it all worked out! Back when I was doing the Majors and posting blow by blows online, a lot of people really dug seeing the full pencil work on the cards before they were colored. So I began compiling them in more detail, hoping to do something with them. And during the Superbowl, opportunity knocked! A friend online turned me on to a print services's insane flash sale on printed booklets -- which was crazy low enough I could afford a small (100) booklet print run. While everyone else was watching dancing sharks I was seeing how quickly I could clean up and layout a 30 page booklet! Haha. Here's the deal. If you're a patron right now, BOOM! YOU GET A BOOK. It'll be packed in with your rewards as an extra thank you for being an early backer of the deck! The rest of the booklets will become rewards on their own pledge level -- and they will remain exclusive to this project, so the only way to get one is to jump on board with us and back the deck! Feel free to point this out to your tarot friends, pets, innocent bystanders... I am super excited I was able to do this for everyone and I hope you enjoy them! :) I should have the new thank you postcards very soon, so rewards will start going out in a few days.