Surprise Game for my Bro + Bonus Perks for Patrons soon
Edit: This is now public! Hey all, so I've been working on a game in secret for my brother which is why the arts slowed down a little. But I'm very nearly ready to dump that game onto him. The game is called Blitz Smash and can be found here, free to play or pay what you want. But since you already support me, don't feel obligated at all to pay for it: So have a play and let me know how you go with it :D Keep it a secret I made it still. So with the release of this little game, the first update is going to include all of you guys, my supporters, as heroes people can play in the game :D So if you want any input as to what you want to look like in the game (colours, outfit, etc) drop a comment on this post. A photo ref might be nice from Ben Henry for instance haha, I don't know what you look like. Cheers, Matt