Surprise Visit
A small sigh fell from Lush lips as she pushed up her glasses, reading from her twilight book. She didn’t know why her boyfriend owned such a book with sappy romance, but she figured he just got from one of his female friends and he decide to keep it. She began muttering the words out loud to keep herself focused, changing voices for each character. Thank god her boyfriend was out of town right now, she didn’t want him to hear or see her like this. She continued reading her book, until she heard a voice from behind her and a hot breath on her neck. “Do you really have any idea how important you are to me? Any concept at all of how much I love you?” She felt a hot blush spread across her cheeks as she looked up meeting the intense blue stare of her boyfriend. “B-Baby what are you doing here?! You’re supposed to be traveling for work out of town... Isn’t it supposed to be going on soon?” She asked, eyes shining with worry that her boyfriend may be fired from his job, searching for a sign on his face making sure. He chuckled running his fingers through her hair, eyes glimmering with amusement. “No baby I didn’t have to go this time remember they ask me to take a break off with you” Lush’s boyfriend murmured, one faint spark forming in his eyes; that always happened when his love showed. His fingers curled in her hair, weaving the strands around them gently. “You’re being awfully lovable today baby” She muttered, yet she wasn’t complaining, since this was a rare thing to witness. “I’m just trying to show my love for my baby girl” Lush’s boyfriend murmured leaning in close to her. “Oh, Baby you show it enough.” She whispered dusting her lips over his before kissing him fully. His other hand weaved its way into her hair, while hers lay on his chest, tightly gripping his black shirt. It began growing heated, with their tongues invading each other’s mouth, muffled groans coming from Lush’s boyfriend as she pulled his hair, small whimpers of pleasure come from her as his hands left her hair and slid under her shirt to toy with her breasts. She broke the kiss when air became necessary, gasping as Lush’s boyfriend moved the kisses down her neck and over her shoulders. He bit down lightly on your shoulder, licking over the small indention he made. This was the most passionate you have ever seen him, since he never took it slow at all. “M-Mm baby you don’t have too…” He looks at her “But I want to.” Her breath hitched in her throat as she felt him squeeze her breasts. It was good to know he at least had his perverted actions during this. His hands left her breast and slid down to them hem of her loose shirt, lifting it off of you. “Now let’s get this off you baby” Lush’s boyfriend muttered, his fingertips meeting the edge of her black laced bra. He unclasped it and tugged it off with his teeth, giving her a small yet teasing growl once it hung loosely in his mouth. He throw the article of clothing across the room as it landed forgotten on the ground. His tongue began dragging up her body, stopping at her nipples and giving them a few swift licks before sucking her breast, leaving dark marks behind. His hands unbuttoned her torn up shorts and slid them down her legs as much as he could without breaking away from the earlier task of sucking on her breasts, then her soaked panties followed. “Mm you so wet Lush... Just for me?” Lush’s boyfriend murmured against her skin, his fingers rubbing her slick entrance. “Ahnn B-Baby, fuck…” She moaned, rocking her hips against his teasing fingers, trying to encourage him to slide them in. The more he rubbed her entrance, the wetter and needier she became. A teasing grin formed on Lush’s boyfriend face, lightly tapping his middle finger against her clit, making her cry out. Your clit was extremely sensitive, and he knew that. “Oh, Lush does that feel good? You like that, you dirty whore” Lush’s boyfriend mumbled, giving her a lopsided knowing smirk as he rubbed her clit. “O-Oh master, I love it!” She moaned out as he called her a whore, since dirty talk did it to her. Then he stopped, she let out a chocked whine, looking up at her boyfriend with a needy expression. “Rub yourself, make some cute little moans for your maser…” She immediately obeyed, rubbing your own clit slowly and making a small noise between a moan and a whimper. She heard a zipper but she ignored it, rubbing herself faster moaning out “Master” several times. A low, throaty groan came from above her, and she knew it was her boyfriend watching her and pleasing himself just as she were. Her finger left her clit and began circling your own slick opening, whimpering softly as she forced herself to tease her slick. After a few moments of that, she plunged her fingers in, crying out in pleasure. “Oh, fuck Lush that’s right prepare yourself for your masters cock.” Lush’s boyfriend groaned working his hand faster on himself as she did as he told her. “Such a naughty little bitch. Work faster you hear me?” and she nod “Y-Yes master! Ahh!” She moaned out spreading the three fingers she had inside herself. She knew she could handle a fourth, so she slid it in only allowing her thumb to stay out of her own slick heat so it could rub your clit. She worked herself open, stretching her tight walls so her master could fit inside her. Lush’s boyfriend growled an order for you to stop, and you did just that. He flipped her over onto her hands and knees, tapping the head of his cock against her pussy opening. “Beg.” Lush’s boyfriend hissed leaning over her body so his chest was pressed to her back, littering open-mouthed kisses and small bites over her neck. “A-Ah, m-master please put your huge cock inside me! I need it so badly its s-starting to hurt! I’ve been a good girl, haven’t I?” She whimpered, closing her eyes as she felt the head begin to press into her but, not enough to trigger a pleased reaction. “Mm, I suppose you have been a good little pet, so I will grant your wish.” He slowly began to push inside of her, groaning lowly, for even though she prepped herself she was still very tight. As each inch was slid in, she would gasp and whimper trying to push her hips back so this would quicken up, but no avail. Once he was inside her fully his hips pressed against hers, she whined softly to try and tell him to move. He didn’t seem to register what she said, so she nearly sobbed it out and that’s when he snapped. He began thrusting into her erratically, his fingertips digging into her hips making her jolt and moan out loudly. He was making her feel as if she would split in half but it was pleasurable. “Ah! Ahhh! M-Master! Oh fuck master!” She panted out clawing at the bed as large waves of pleasure coursed through her. He didn’t seem to care that she called him master through all the way though. “Fuck! Tell me how much you love my cock! Tell me, slut!” He groaned out giving you a harsh smack on the ass as he continued to drive himself into her, angling himself so he hit her g-spot each time. “ah, fuck m-master I love it! I love it so much! M-Mmmm!” She gasped out, loud moans pouring from her lips she was so close to releasing yet it just seemed out of reach. “M-Master, touch me please!” She moaned knowing that all she need was one little push to send her over the edge. Lush’s boyfriend continued pounding into her g-spot, one hand sliding from her hips and in-between her legs rubbing her clit in a quick pace. She screamed out in pleasure her back arching as she came harder than she has ever had in her life. Lush’s boyfriend followed soon after, shooting his cum inside of her with a loud throaty groan of her name. The thrusting slowed to a stop Lush’s boyfriend pulling out of her slowly. They were both panting harshly, her cum dripping of her boyfriend’s cock as his cum leaked out of her. “Shit babe that was… awesome.” Lush’s boyfriend panted out, snaking one arm around her trembling form and pulling her up into his arms. She tightly gripped his shoulders breathing ragged, head on his chest as she muttered quiet words. It took a moment before she could form the words she was looking for. “I love you baby.” She whispered as she feels him stiffen as he always felt nice after she said I love to him cause he knew she meant it “I love you too Lush” Lush’s boyfriend whispered feeling her soft breath against his chest. He knew she was sleeping, so he redressed her setting her down on the bed gently. She curled up in a ball quivering as Lush’s boyfriend plucked her glasses off her face and set them on the night stand curling up around her with his head on hers falling asleep with her. The twilight book you had been reading laid forgotten on the floor, closed with the cover of pale hands belonging to Edward Collins holding the bright red apple showing as Lush’s boyfriend was like her Edward and she was his Bella. A perfect couple with its own little kinks.