Surprise! We want to hear about your surprises!
Hey, Explorers! Nick here. I just wanted to make sure that everybody knew  that we've announced the return of Where There's Smoke with the season 3 premiere happening on Tuesday, October 11. 

We are SO thankful for the support of our Patrons because you guys are directly helping us to make the show better. Your support is paying for Brett to fly to St. Louis so that we can do work together for about four days - that "face time" was something that we desperately missed in season two. Additionally, we're upgrading Brett's recording equipment (I'm pumped) and investing in some social media and advertising to help grow the show even more this season. 

And - none of this could be done without you, so THANK YOU!

Alright, topic change:


Do you guys remember when we had Jessi Broughton and EJ Sweetly share some of their stories around the intersection of music and memory? That was episode #35: Hear and Now. 

Well, we're wanting to hear from our listeners again! Basically, if you've got a story that includes a surprise or you think will surprise us, then go to and leave us a Speakpipe message. Keep it very short. Something like, "Hey! This is Nick Jaworski from St. Louis, MO and I've got a story that involves pizza, reindeer, and a trip to the emergency room." Don't spoil the surprise for us! We'll get back in touch with you and record you telling us the story!

Maybe the story has a surprise ending or, MAYBE, you surprised yourself. As always, our prompts are always open-ended.

So, if you're reading this now, just send us a message right now! We're going to start production on this in the next few weeks.

I can't wait for season three, we've got some fun stuff in the works.