Surreal MLB: Eric Thames in the Clutch
The score is 9-4 Brewers. The bases are juiced with two outs. Slugger Eric Thames is at the plate. Milwaukee has the chance to put this one out of reach - they just need a hit from Thames.

Or not.

Wild pitch! The red arrow is the trajectory of the ball which bounced off catcher Elias Diaz's foot. The yellow arrow is Diaz watching it fly away.

Here's a count of the runners. One has scored. The ball is over by the red arrow.

Ryan Braun scores the second run. Can you see the ball? It's a slight blur directly above the home plate ump's head.

Now it's over here.

And here's the third run. Orlando Arcia crosses at a full sprint even though nobody's home. Pitcher Michael Feliz appears to be chastising the baseball for its juvenile antics.

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