Surreal MLB: Classic High School Plays
Back in high school, we used to mess around with intentional drops, knowing the umpires occasionally had a weaker understanding of the rules than us. The purpose is to confuse the baserunners to get an easy double or triple play. The Blue Jays had a similar opportunity yesterday.

To be clear, it's illegal to intentionally drop the ball. MLB umps aren't having that shit. Let's go to the screenies.

Here's the wide angle view. Everybody's watching (including the baserunner).

That actually looks like a catch.

Actually, we can see a small amount of dirt pop into the air, a sure sign that the dirt was hit. It's very hard to show this with a picture, you'll just have to take my word for it (or watch the video).

The runner on second base (although clearly confused) was clever enough to get the call directly from the umpire. In this case the call for "safe" and "the damned ball hit the ground" are the same.

This is for the triple play. The ball clearly beats the runner, but it's an errant throw. Yangervis Solarte (a guest of this column from last week) had a tough tag play to make.

A brilliant slide to the inside corner of the bag dodges the tag. No triple play.

Buck Showalter whined about the dropped liner, but it was clearly not intentional (and would have still been a double play if caught). This outcome was actually the best case scenario for Baltimore - unless the ump decided it was an intentional drop. In that case, it's only one out with the runners returning to first and second.

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