SURVEY: Help me decide my next explorable!
This time, I want to teach not just an idea, but a SKILL.  So let me ask you, dear reader, what skill do you want to learn?


The last two times I posted a help-me-decide-my-project survey like this, y'all picked The Evolution of Trust and The Wisdom and/or Madness of Crowds.  So, I trust your exquisite taste!  ;)

~ Nicky

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misc updates: 

  • Merci beaucoup to everyone who recommended French comics to me on my last post!  Although, heh, honestly at my current level, I'm struggling to finish reading Babar, Le Petit Éléphant.
  • And actually, I have two book recommendations for you in return!  They're fairly short books, too:  1) Tribe by Sebastian Junger, on war, disaster, and our human need to be needed by each other.  2) The End of Education by Neil Postman, on the old & new purposes (the "ends", ha ha wordplay) of public schools.  Despite the wildly different topics, they both hit a theme I care a lot about: the human need for meaning, for purpose – and how modern society is horribly lacking in it.
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