survey of filmstocks on black and brown skin
my film of choice (Fuji 160NS) got a lot harder to get hold of toward the end of last year. i'm down to a roll and a half and i can only find really pricey sellers out of japan. so, it's time to find other filmstocks.

what this means generally is days (at least) spent looking through example images of a given emulsion to find examples of that stock's rendering of melanin. it's added a great deal of work to participating in the resurgence of film for me and for others. so, the next project i'm going to embark on is a survey of film stocks -- i'll shoot different films with models of varying (nonwhite) skintones in varying lighting conditions and publish the results as a book and as a website, an attempt to save other poc photographers getting into shooting film some of the effort of finding a stock that will render their subjects well.

the finished sessions will be hosted online in a publicly available database at my domain,, as well as on flickr and instagram. My goal in this project is to provide a resource to other photographers to know what they can expect from a given filmstock when photographing people of color and, hopefully, to move producers of new filmstock to include images of people of color in their promotional material. i won't be providing commentary on the various filmstock, just images, so that photographers will decide on their own which will be best for their subjects in their light.

i'll be posting here, for patrons, behind the scenes photos, previews and outtake shots and, for those patrons who've selected in their pledges, prints and booklets from each session. funding for this project will go toward model fees, space and equipment rental, filmstock and payment for the crew working with me (assisting with setup on shoots and with scanning)e!!!.

upon completion of the shoots, a book will be compiled and offered up for sale alongside the publicly available database. proceeds from sales of the book will go toward maintenance of the database. spread the word!