Survey Results/Update Schedule
So most of the survey results showed that you guys would prefer to get art updates every day to every other day, with workfiles and the like coming in a big dump once per week or month.

While I've already scheduled a lot of posts - enough for daily updates way into June - I will slowly transition to that kind of schedule over time. I believe until the 10th of June or so you will still get art and workfiles taking turns fpr the most part. After that the schedule should change to art posts on Monday through Saturday, with every Sunday providing you with a workfile-dump of the week's posts.

It's possible that those daily posts will eventually trickle out into posts every other day, since April and May have been unusually productive months due to the con preparations and I had a bit of backlog to use for these scheduled posts. Also, 5$-Patrons will likely be the only ones for whom the update schedule is an actually daily one. Many of the posts are doodles, WIPs or discarded drafts that I put on the 1$-tier.

So I hope this keeps the stream of updates from becoming overwhelming, while still providing you guys with enough content for your money. C:

Feel loved!