Survive and Traverse Corrupted Grymclover Forests! — New Setting and Player Race!
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What happens to a lich's tower once the lich is slain? Or to the dungeon of necrotic cult after the group disbands? Better yet, what happens when an abandoned doomsday device leaks dangerous magic for years?

A grymclover forest is any forest that's been corrupted by dark magic. This potential aftermath is rarely accounted for by the heroes who slay the necromancer but leave their dangerous stuff lying around. This polluting magic twists a forest into a briar-ridden, overgrown death trap, and spawns horrific mutations of otherwise normal wildlife. Some of the most bizarre creatures live in these woods, and only the most stalwart or lucky tend to make it out in one piece.   

What's Included:

  • 13 pages of corrupting effects, survival mechanics, and unique denizens!
  • Tables to quickly imagine old dungeons to place at the center of your grymclover forest, as well as what new inhabitants may have moved in over time!
  • Quest and adventure hooks!
  • Bonus maps donated by Cze & Peku!
  • 8 new and weird monsters to endanger your players with!
  • New playable race: the Geleton! Play as a character whose strange life is the result of a spontaneous and symbiotic merging of ooze and reanimated skeleton! Your previous lives may be lost to you, but your new, combined one is for you to decide!


I was responsible for direction, design, and additional editing for this setting. However, this couldn't be possible without extra help. If you like this setting, consider supporting these other incredible 5e content creators:

Ty Christensen — Writing, editing

ItsADnDMonsterNow — Monsters

TheArenaGuy — Editing

Cze & Peku — Maps

Fabian Saravia — Race illustration

Benjamin Sommeregger — Cover art

Jelke Ludolphij — Additional layout

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