Hello. Long time no blog. I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry about a lot of things. I'm sick to my stomach, frankly. And very, very lost.

When I launched this Patreon, I was feeling full of fresh hope, confidence and creativity that I assumed could only grow stronger with time, effort, and now, your support. This was to be a year of action and connection. So yeah, I jumped before I was ready. No question. But I had SUCH faith. I had stars in my eyes, fire in my heart, and arms as open as I could spread them. And you were there on the other side.

What I couldn't see was that at that very moment, my life was actually about to start falling ALL THE WAY apart. Over the past 6 months, I've had to face the very harsh realities of my longterm mental health; suspend several collaborative art projects including this one; embrace a substance-free lifestyle and the additional internal displacement that comes with early sobriety; leave a day job I had honestly thought I would be able to enjoy forever; and be stuck unemployed,  isolated in my recovery bubble, and uselessly broken during this most utterly devastating fucking week in American politics. Ouch.

Leonard Cohen was so disheartened by the results of the US presidential election, he died. I can't blame him for leaving. I can only thank him for living. And for giving us music to grieve to. Leading the way. It seemed a fitting move for me to re-enter these Patreon waters with a tribute to him. The song is called In My Secret Life. I've always loved it. Today the lyrics really hit where it hurts. Bright side, it's my first cover. Thanks Leonard.

I hope you enjoy, and that you're doing ok, and that you're not too disappointed by my neglect these past months. I know 2016 has been a shit year for many of us. I know that as bad as things get, we must keep seeking out hope and relief wherever we can find it. I know that now, more than ever, the world needs artists to keep giving of themselves. We need to reach out, and keep learning, growing through our mistakes, telling our stories...however difficult it is. For me, where I am right now, creating and sharing are very difficult.

But I vow to do my best, whatever that looks like now. I have some ideas. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your patience and compassion. Thank you patrons, most of all. You are the light at the end of this weird, funky tunnel. I will be back very soon with more for you. Love.

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