Sushi, sushi, and more sushi!
I haven't forgotten my babies! April the month of sushi and the month of chaos!! I had mentioned an event that I participated in called West Kendall Zine Fest with a tropical theme to it. I raffled off my giant Avocado, made a personal zine about my experience with religion, and promoted my creative work. It was a lot of planning and late nights getting everything together. 

Oh, but it doesn't end there! 

The next week the annual Miami Zine Fest was taking place and I was planning to go for fun. That is until my friend Andrea offered to share her table and a visit turned out to be another event I participated in!! It was fun nonetheless and between these events I met a lot of good creative people!! I didn't even realize! 

**I encourage people to be creative even if you don't think you are because honestly everyone is creative in their own way. It's such a great feeling to make, create, invent something that you can't get any other way. Do it! Create something and be unique!**

End small note. After my two eventful weeks I finally had my Jury Final for school. Which is basically collecting, perfecting, and making more work from all my courses this past semester and presenting it to a panel of the dean and faculty. They review and critique your work and evaluate your overall. It is really nerve wrecking once you are up there. Long story short I had a good jury and can't wait to see my grades later!!

April Patreon! Sushi themed, I will be posting another update this week and send my packages out by the end of the week. I hope you guys enjoy it!! Remember you can always comment or contact me for ideas, critiques, and suggestions! I love you all and can't thank you enough for the support!!