Sustaining myself
My dream is to have a garden so big that I can help feed others fresh produce.
I think we should all be responsible for feeding the world.
Right now I have lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and onions growing in my little garden.
If everyone actually planted and harvested their own food our world would have less hunger and more health. Less disease from organic growth and more appreciation of food through growing and tending to it.
We have gotten so far away from our roots that we've forgotten how simple life is.
Sustaining ourselves naturally should be second nature to us yet we choose to look past the natural processes of growing and gathering and instead subject ourselves to pesticides and refined sugars.
We have built a world that subjects our minds to thousands of messages a day to have, want, do, be and think a certain way
And we have fallen prey to a consumerism culture that feeds off of false happiness.
We know that material items do not equal happiness and that money cannot buy good health- these are common sense thoughts yet we STILL make choices that we deliberately know are not right for us.

It's time we take steps to sustain each other as well as learn to do it for ourselves.
It's our birthright to be healthy, naturally.