'Sup homies!

I'll be doing my first test stream soon! Still workin' out a couple of kinks, so hopefully you'll be around for the test stream, to help me iron some of those out. 

I'll be anouncing the first stream here on Patreon,   <This the Twitch page I'll be streamin' on.  So be sure to follow me on there!

So here's what I'm thinking. First stream will just be some fuckin'  around.  I'll take suggestions from the chat for things to draw. The stream after that I will be starting the Melton Ultimatum animation!! ( y'now where he sprays diarrhea from his ass and pisses with a 'lil boner, while slowly turning in circles... you know. ) 

Oh and also follow me on twitter if you havent allready, @svenstoffels