Swamp Mist Ruins Final + Happy 4th of July!
Hey everyone, glad to say I was able to put more time during this 4th of July weekend into the Swamp Mist Ruins. I know originally that it was requested a Blood Mist ruin, but I thought a little variation in the outcome was a good idea. So the top one is the blood mist, the middle is the day mist swamp version and of course the bottom is a misty swamp scene. Personally that one is my favorite. Each one will be sold as separate stock art. Please feel free to make any comments. :)

  Still waiting on a final vote from one of my patrons on the wizard, but it will be human. If the vote doesn't come in time when I am ready to start drawing that I will decide based on thumbnail results.

I sent a delayed stock point message to everyone for last months. It looks like everything is processed for this month, so I will be sending a revised e-mail out.

When you are ready to use a stock point, please notify me via PM here, e-mail or on FB if you can contact me that way. 

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