The Swamps' Inn (public)
 Image credit:  Baomo Garden (宝墨园) a Panyu, Cina by Daniel Berthold 


Hello friends, another story! 

This is the first story I'm publishing that takes place on Genaia, a fantasy world I'm working on. I say the first I publish because I've actually written another one before, a 20k~ words novella (still editing it).

But, while editing the novella, I felt the need to go deeper into Genaia's setting, especially in how dwarves dress. I thought about it for a minute, and instead of simply writing down some notes, I decided to write a short story exploring that particular element of the setting. Also it turned out as a good character development exercise.

I hope you enjoy it! Usually I put my story in a public format only here on my Patreon page. But, last week, when I posted this one, I made it public by mistake. So for this time, it's PDF for everyone. You can download it in below.

As always, please comment about it. Share my Patreon page or Twitter handle, and stay tuned for the next story.