Sweden is in dire need of help against radical feminism!
In Sweden there's a serious problem regarding feminism and political correctness!
That has been the case since far too many years back! And as a result Sweden looks like it does. I almost wrote "dies".

What  feminism used to be, back in those days, those supposedly golden days,  that supposedly golden age of feminism, that no one alive today is  capable of even remembering, I couldn't actually care less about. As I'm  wtriting this, it's Monday March 20th 2017. And what I do care about is  what happens today!

So, then what do we do as of today, given the facts we all know about modern feminism?
Well, in Sweden there's a so called "feminist government" ruling. Now, how sick isn't that in itself?
No  one ever asked what it takes for a government to be a feminist one, why  it is needed, etc. It's just pre-supposed as the Truth.

And now where's the political correctness comes into place.
No one in Sweden dares to speak up against the feminist regime!
Why would Sweden need a feminist regime?

Why is Sweden systematically tearing families apart?
Why  did Sweden recently approve of a law, to make women eligeble to have  chuildren through anonymous sperm donations, without fathers, against  the UN Child convention?
Questions upon questions.

In short:
that's why we are here in Patreon!

Hoping for your support against the rampant radical feminsm going absurd in Sweden as we know it!

Roslagens Mansjour is one of a few true antifeminist male shelters in Sweden.
If you choose to donate to RMJ, then your donations will be in good hands indeed!

A certain left wing, infamous criminal extremist in "Researchgruppen" (yeah, google that word) told us that our home page (roslagensmansjour.tk)  was amateurish and scandalized us in an article that seemed to be an  interview but wasn't at all, and we didn't get any chance to comment on  that, etc. That's how these people work!

Ok, disregarding that  subjective impression of left wing, criminal extremists, let's improve  that homepage then? Come on, let's all make it look professional?  Together! Let's unite? Against feminism!

Let's make that webpage look so beautiful, so that no moron will be capable to tell that it's doesn't, ok?