Sweet Angel very first polaroid
As the main theme of this month, the character is Itsuka Kotori drom Date a Live (a very funny anime, you should watch it!) :)

Every single image is UNIQUE! There won't be another one that is the same as yours. The pose is different, the angle/background, the face: everything :)

I print a limited number of polaroid for every character, and every month I'm going to change it (theme).

Every polaroid will be signed and personalized with your nick/name and if you have special request just ask, I'll do my best :)

These 4 are the very first, so the most special at the same time.
I'll pack them in a super cute new envelope, trust me I'm sure you will like it ;)

Polaroid reward starts from 50$ tier!
In this level you will also have: 

► 1 signed A4 print (30x20 cm)
► fansign cosplay photo
► High res Cosplay Wallpaper for your desktop
► Exclusive WIP/Tutorial
30 minutes of Skype (group video chat) + 30 min group text chat once a month
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► Early access to my blog/social posts
► Photoshoots: backstage + preview (early access and/or exclusive)
► Be the first to know my next cosplay
► Monthly print giveaway
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