Sweet Dreams: A Short Story
Baxter sat on the edge of the bed. His short legs stuck out over the side but were no where near long enough to touch the floor beneath. He let out a soft sigh as he prepared for another long night of work.
Samantha rolled to her side behind him. He froze, hoping he hadn't woken her. When she settled, Samantha began her quiet snoring once again.
'Good' Baxter thought to himself 'that was close' he stood up tiptoed to Samantha's face. Slowly, he bent forward and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. 'Sweet dreams' he whispered to himself.
He stood up straight and stretched out. His seams were still tight from last nights encounter. Baxter made his way to the edge of the bed and judged the distance between it, and the nightstand. He did this every night, just to make sure Susan, Samantha's mother, hadn't moved anything during the day. From what he could see nothing had changed, so he took a step back, took a deep breathe and lept from the side of the bed to the nightstand. He landed softy, but the corner of his foot landed on a small piece of paper. The paper slid on the smooth table and his foot slipped out from under him.
He fell back before he could get his other foot under him. Sliding across the nightstand he ran into the lamp and knocked it over. Reaching up he managed to get his hand under the bulb before it hit the table. Slowly, he pushed the lamp back up to its original position and got to his feet. He let out a quiet huff.
'That's the last time I try that' he said. Usually he would climb off the bed, then climb up the side of the nightstand, but nights like tonight he needed to hurry.
Samantha had watched a scary movie before bed, so Baxter would have his work cut out for him. He quietly slid open the top drawer of the nightstand. Samantha rolled over again, Baxter froze. She had rolled closer to the side of the bad, her left arm now hung over the side and her face rested right where he would need to jump to get back. He stayed still for a moment to make sure she was asleep, a faint image appeared above her head.
'Perfect' he thought to himself.
He rummaged through the drawer looking for his pencil. With the dreams beginning he could be a little louder now, she was less likely to wake up at this point. Finding his pencil he quietly closed the drawer and sat on the edge of the nightstand. He set the pencil next to him and picked up Samantha's small mirror. He looked himself over.
The brown fabric that was supposed to be his fur was matted and mushed. If he was human he'd probably have some grey hairs by now, but thankfully his 'fur' would never change colour, unless Samantha would take him outside, in which case Susan would just throw him in the wash, what a rush that was. He looked himself over, his ear still felt weird. Rufus, the dog, had gotten a hold of him last month. Before Susan could stop him he had taken off one of his ears. She had sowed his head shut to keep the stuffing in, but it still felt like he was issuing something. Rufus would have him killed if Susan wasn't around.
Baxter heard a growl next to him. He had forgotten about Samantha! Quickly he switched the mirror with his pencil and got to work. Before he climbed off the nightstand he reached over with the pencil to see if he could reach. The black cloud above Samantha's head was just out of his reach. He'd have to climb over.
Baxter jumped just past Samantha's arm and grabbed onto the side of the bed, pencil grinned between his teeth. He scrambled to the top of the sheets and got to work.
He spun his pencil in his hand and held the eraser toward the dark cloud. Samantha's face started to twist and scrunch as the bad dreams began to take hold. Baxter started erasing furiously. As the erased her face began to relax, the dark cloud began to disappear. Quickly he spun the pencil and began to draw in the air where the cloud used to be. Pony's and unicorns, princesses and candy, he had to work quickly.
'This is why she's not allowed to watch Lord of the Rings Carl" he said to himself 'Orcs aren't a good think to introduce your ten year old to.'
He shook his head as he erased another cloud that began to form above Samantha's head.
Baxter spent the next seven hours standing guard, anytime the dreams would turn bad he would quickly erase them and replace them with something nice. Dragons became puppy's, orcs became marshmallows, and zombies became unicorns. This was his job every night, as it was for any teddy bear loved by any child.
Before long the dreams began to fade, he put his pencil back in the drawer and payed down beside Samantha again. He pulled her arm over him and she pulled him close.
'Sweet dreams' he said again.
Moments later the bedroom door opened, Susan peaked into the room. The bright light from the hall outside flooded in behind her.
'Samantha' she said softly 'it's time to wake up'
Samantha rolled over holding Baxter in her arms. 'Good morning mommy' she said, wiping her eyes
'Good morning sweetie. How did you sleep?' Susan asked as she sat next to Samantha.
'Good' she said smiling.
'Come on, let's go get breakfast. You've got to get ready for school'
Susan picked up Samantha and stood to leave, Baxter was dropped onto the bed.
'Wait mommy, don't forget Baxter'
Susan turned and picked up Baxter, handing him to Samantha. She held him tight in her arms. As they left the room Baxter smiled to himself
'Another job well done' he thought to himself.