Life is gets hard and some of us can handle they can swim through life just fine. There are those who barely managing but they are moving or at least managing to keep going. Yet there are those who are stuck where their at and are to weak or broken to move anymore and at the end they let it happen and just drown. They must remember that its not over all they must head up even for a second to at least know they still have the strength to move and once they see that its not over they might only have there nose sticking out the water but there their. Once you show that prove to your self that if you had enough strength to that then maybe just maybe you still have enough to do more and swim like the others, so just move enough to keep going and show yourself your good enough maybe others say your not good enough or your nothing let them think that. Thathard work you might be doing might be silent but let success be your nose. So just do that one little thing and youll do it.