Switching gears!
So I will be also sending out messages to all my patrons. I will be modifying my Patreon to that of an animation account. I will be focusing on a NAOR AMV project that I plan to use as a trailer/teaser for a relaunch of the comic. 

I know, a relaunch after all this. Well honestly the comic could have been handled better. Almost all books are out, so I am almost done with that. However the new comic will not be released for some time. You will be able to view the comic online still, however it will be removed from most places. 

I will remain active on Patreon, or um, be more active with Youtube and facebook becoming a larger focus area too. I am not abandoning the comic, I simply want to step back, take what I learned from a failed launch and try again in a year or two. 

Storyboards for the comic will be available starting tonight and tomorrow. Thank you for your support!