SWOMG 0.0.3 Morning Moon
Update: Please delete your current copy. Thank you Brian Mendoza for noticing the dupe bug in the witch's house. That has been fixed in the new download link. The experience will be true this time!


This is the public demo for SWOMG! Have fun and please let me know if you find any bugs.

Known bugs (to be addressed in the next version)

- If you've never spoken to Morgana prior to defeating Luca, it will be impossible to move forward unless you find the spot where Morgana was standing on at the start of the game and talk to that space before talking to her again in the northwestern area. (I suggest that you talk to her as soon as you gain control of the character as intended)

- Dying in hell 2x after Sitrus leaves will cause a major bug to reload an intro dialogue and play the intro animation clip which will break the game. (advice, when Sitrus leaves, take the portal)

Have fun! :-)

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