Swords of Vridhan Pre-Alpha R1 Gameplay
Pre-Alpha R1 release Underway!

Pre-Alpha: This is a raw prototype to allow for proof-of-concept play-ability. There are many systems that are still in design/development. There are also numerous bugs and some short-comings to play. Below are instructions for controlling your character. Also, you will find mapped areas where you can find the things to do in the demo map.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 7 thru 10 64bit


A video card less than 4 years old, but preferably a newer one!


Display monitor

8 GB free hard-drive space


Run the installer to install the game. To play, be sure to Run as Administrator. In future releases this requirement will not be necessary. But this is pre-alpha and numerous kinks have to be resolved.

Controls (currently hard-coded, will be user-configurable in a future release):

W - move forward

S - move backward

A - move left

D - move right

L-Alt - hold to run

Q - interact with vendors and other characters as well as some other actions

E - Pick up items, or other actions

J - bring up Quest Journal panel

I - bring up Inventory panel

R-Ctrl - bring up Exit menu

M - bring up in-game map

NumPad . (dot) - toggle between 1st and 3rd person perspective views

Brief Instructions to help get started:

Every time you start the game, you will begin in the same location, at the north-most part of the demo map (Sparrow's Bane).

Talk to Seydah just over the entry bridge to get your first quest to earn some currency in order to purchase equipment.

Complete the quest at the Groggy Ale Tavern by talking with Bratyar. (Don't worry, as develpment contiunes, the quest writing will be better than proof-of-concept). Once you've completed that quest, head next door to the tavern and see the vendor in there to purchase some weapons. I recommend a melee weapon, until you get some money from quests to buy ranged weapons.

In the tavern, you will find Dilloch, who has some quests to complete. You should only do the Brigand's quest, until you can get some loot to purchase better weapons/armor. Once you've accepted a quest, locate the objective, dispatch the mark, and return to Dilloch to complete the quest.

You can use the maps below to help you located quest objectives as well as a few other points of interests.

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