SWTOR 4.0 News: No More EV & KP NiM, Class Changes, Conquest Update & More (KotFE Update 5)
In Update 5 you will learn why Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace Nightmare Mode is removed, as well as hear of Class changes to Knight/Warrior, Conquest, the new Become the Outlander trailer, Crafting changes, Companion availability and their gear and more.

Links to all news covered and discussed in this video:

► Dev Blog "Brothers": http://vulkk.com/brothers-a-new-blog-post-on-swtor-com/

► Biowate's August Live Stream Recap: http://vulkk.com/swtor-august-livestream-wrap-up/

► Become the Outlander Trailer: http://vulkk.com/become-the-outlander-trailer-from-gamescom-2015/

► Conquest changes in SWTOR 4.0: http://vulkk.com/conquest-changes-coming-with-swtor-4-0/

► EV and KP Nightmare Modes Removed in SWTOR 4.0: http://vulkk.com/no-more-ev-and-kp-nightmare-mode-in-swtor-4-0/

► Class Changes Dev Blogs Timetable: http://vulkk.com/swtor-4-0-class-changes-blogs-timetable/

► Class Changes to Knight and Warrior: http://vulkk.com/jedi-knight-and-sith-warrior-changes-in-swtor-4-0/

► Origin SWTOR Story will impact Fallen Empire: http://vulkk.com/origin-swtor-story-will-impact-fallen-empire/

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