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SWYM Pt. 1 - Jinżo
From 7549


Cos when it all hit the fan 

And being cool doesn't cut it 

You wash away with the sand and it makes you sick to your stomach 

Now you can't stomach your thoughts 

You been swallowing feelings 

And you look upto the ceiling 

Ain't got a reason to live 

I'm worth more

More than what the people say 

I'm headed for the door 

Out, know I'm leaving either way 

I'm all out 

Know I didn't mean to say 

We all felt 

Kinda disappointed in the kid 

Because he never gonna Ball out 

Fall out 

Say he was sweet and I will admit it 

I was slow in class rooms 

But written had Witt with him 

I'm not winning 

I'm too busy sharpening pen 


Im coming 

Coming away 

from all of the shit 

I given 

Too much time to this game 

Knowing art is just a mindstate

Busy adding to the crime rate 

On a blind date 

With death 

Never afraid 

I wait to rest 

Complacent, yes 

Say what you mother fucking mean 

You can't free load for ever 

I said you cant free load for ever 

I come from both sides 

With the heat 

Never sleep 

No money 

No surprise I never eat 

No love when you broke son 

That's what my momma said 

Honestly when I make it 

I promise I'm paying homage to anybody 

Who help my dream 

Never fucking with anybody 

With out my team 

Like where they at 


Bet they won't run when they see me 

Guess I gotta cop me a gun when it need be 

Run when it need be 

Jump when I say so 

Popping pills and never leave the house 

Is how I lay low 

So now you fucking with J

I n z oh shit 

Got nothing to say 

Like when I seen you that one time

You walking away 

You tryna act like you know me 

But homie 

Say what you mother fucking mean