Sylphine V.01 Public Release!

 Hello everyone!

This wasn't due to be posted *quite* yet, but the V.01 version of the game was leaked to the public (shame shame), so I've bumped the release date of the last two releases ($1 and public).

Anyway! Here it is, the big reveal! V.01 of Sylphine is now available to the public for download! If you enjoy it, please share it around! Anywhere you'd like, the links are yours to re-post wherever! 

I've bug tested it to the best of my ability, but  it's *quite* a project. So if you run into any issues, do be sure to let  me know, and I'll get them fixed immediately!  And as always, suggestions/comments/anything are always welcome!  

Thank you all so much for the support, and I hope you enjoy the game!  




Ps.  If it asks for a "decryption key", try copy and pasting the entire url manually, hyperlinks sometimes like to leave out the key if you click it!     

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