I started my first Inform7 project today -
The story title is "  Sylvia,  ".
The story headline is "the Walker[line break]  ".
The story genre is "Surreal".
The release number is 1.
The story description is "You are not Sylvia. She is."
The story creation year is 2017. 
Use American dialect, the serial comma, unabbreviated object names, and undo prevention.
The sky is a backdrop.
The sky is everywhere.
Understand "weather", "cloud", and "clouds" as the sky.
The description of the sky is "She sees a steel grey of low clouds, featureless, glowing with what should be daylight."
Instead of taking the sky, say "If only."
Instead of entering the sky, say "She is confused, and flightless."

Posts with development updates will be regular. Release will be February 1 for patrons, February 8 generally.